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Traditional Service in a Digital World.


We provide court transcription service and video recording services.   We’d love the opportunity to work FOR you and let you see firsthand the embodiment of:

Those who have the highest standards do the most work.

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Gillian Lawrence is the company owner and has a passion for the court reporting industry.  She has worked as a transcriber, digital court reporter, digital court reporting manager, and as a business owner.  She has served the court reporting community in these capacities:

* American Association of Electronic Reporters & Transcribers (AAERT) Board - 2003-2009 (including three years as Vice President and two years as President, newsletter editor, certification committee, conference committee, and planning task force)

* Florida Court Reporters Association (FCRA) - served on two groups (2007 and 2014) to work together for a Florida court reporter certification board to include all methods of court reporting.

* Florida Digital Court Reporters Association (FDCRA) served on the planning committee from 2004-2009 coordinating annual meetings for digital court reporting professionals across Florida

* International Alliance of Professional Reporters & Transcribers (IAPRT) served on the Board from 2014-2016

* Winter Park Tech - Advisory Board member for the stenographic and voice writing programs (2003-2009)

* Served on the 2007 court reporting workgroup tasked with providing recommendations for best practices in court reporting by Florida's Trial Court Performance & Accountability Committee.  

* Served on Florida's Due Process Technology Group (2012) for Interpreting Services.

* Presentations about court reporting to the FCRA, IAPRT, the Indiana Shorthand Reporters Association, Michigan Electronic Reporters Association, and in Nassau, Bahamas to the judges, staff, and legal community. 

Transcribers and court reporters are certified through AAERT and IAPRT and other national and state organizations.  Videographers through the AGCV.  The owner is a graduate of Michigan State University's Judicial Administration Program.

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Turnaround Time: 

We will provide a quote for whatever service you require, whether it's hourly (same day transcript),

24-hour, 48-hour, 7-day, 10-day, etc.  

We deliver accurate transcripts on time!

Call 833-800-LCTV

or email

for your quote.

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We have contracts with federal and state courts.  Ordering processes vary court to court.  Contact us today and we will help walk you through the process. 1-833-800-LCTV or 

If you contact us regarding a court we are not contracted with, we will point you to the correct court reporting/transcription contact for that jurisdiction.

BIS Digital, CourtAudio, CourtSmart, FTR, JAVS, Liberty, OpenCourt, Voice IQ, mp3, and wav files (Call us re: any audio file and we will work with you.)

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We provide transcription of:
1) 9-1-1 recordings
2) in-car videos
3) law enforcement interviews
4) counsel meetings
5) legislative sessions
6) depositions
7) church meetings
8) board meetings
.....and any other recording you need transcribed.

Video Camera


Legal videographer services.

Call today to schedule your legal videographer. 


Lawrence Court Transcription: Services
Team Talk

Hello, Fellow Transcribers and Videographers:

If you're interested in joining our team as subcontractors, we invite you to send an introductory email, resume, and a copy of your respective certification(s) to

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Thanks for submitting!

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